Solutions for the Green Transformation and Industry Decarbonization

GREEN DEAL COMPANY was founded in Baden-Baden, Germany in January 2023 and emerged from AFRI BIOMASS ENERGY LTD, based in Mauritius (ABEL). ABEL and GREEN DEAL GROUP is chaired by Mr. Francis Piat (G.O.S.K), former Assistant Area Coordinator of the SHELL Group in the Africa French spacing zone and multi-entrepreneurs in many fields including energy in Mayotte. Partner and Group CEO is Mr. Laurent de Morelos, French expert in biomass to bioenergy in several countries and a global innovator entrepreneur.

Our mission at GREEN DEAL GROUP is displacing fossil fuels with low carbon fuels, (e.g. replacing coal using purposely developed energy crops such as Arundo Donax, in form of pellets, replacing fossil diesel with synthetic substitute “drop-in” biofuels and similar solution applications. ABEL’s initiative is based on a combination of complimentary professional experience in the energy field, 10 year long track record in biomass research, development and commercial production and a common vision to research, develop and implement energy solutions from biomass regionally and abroad. Together, we create highly innovative products that represent the core of high-impact carbon offset projects.

Having identified the paramount importance of securing access to new technologies for attaining our targets, we have taken up a partnership position and promotional responsibilities in two European enterprises that share our same targets of reducing the carbon footprint:


MOSTEX UK, a company that mastered the steam explosion process technology enabling an alternative feedstocks such as agri waste and biomass residues to replace forestry wood in pelletization plants producing pellets with high net calorific value almost matching that of coal.


JEMS a Slovenian enterprise that develops a technology for producing alternative fuels (synthetic-kerosene and SynDiesel) from biomass and organic residuals and waste as feedstocks at competitive cost.


We have recently established AFRICARBON SOLUTIONS (Mauritius) the first comprehensive carbon market expertise company in Africa with aim to become a global leader in developing blue carbon projects in the MENA region to deliver carbon offset assets

The cooperation and global exchange of cluster partners, institutes, universities and start-ups is intended to exploit synergies and accelerate the development of innovative technologies and business models. That is why the GREEN DEAL GROUP, together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) and more than 60 partners and companies, is part of the German network “Fibres for regional value chains and bioeconomics”.